Meet Our Cows

Our Jersey cows graze freely in fields of fresh green grass on the Island of Jersey. They have access to open air throughout the year and spend most of the late Spring, Summer and early Autumn months at pasture.

It is this access to fresh grass and sea air, that produces the distinctive and unique Jersey milk that is renowned for its quality.

All our Jersey cows are registered in the Island Herd Book which dates back to 1866 and shows the name of each cow and their pedigree lineage.

Did you know? Every cows nose is unique, and just like human fingerprints no two are the same.

During the winter months the cows get a specially formulated ration of grass silage, maize silage, barley silage and lots of other goodies which are all mixed up in a big machine like a food blender.

There are 3,000 Jersey cattle on the Island, about 2,200 of which are in milk, and herd sizes can range from 40 to 400 cows.

We love our Jersey cows!