Meet Our Farmers

At Jersey Dairy we have 12 farms providing us with 14 million litres of fresh Jersey milk every year. We are a farmer owned co-operative which means our dairy farmers play an important role in every aspect of the milks journey, from “grass to glass”. Our dairy farmers love their Jersey cows, and we all love the nutritious and delicious Jersey milk which they produce.

Meet some of our farmers here…

Profile photo of The Le Maistre Family

The Le Maistre Family

Phil & Phil from Master Farms

Master Farms is a mixed dairy and vegetable farm run by the Le Maistre family. Peter and brother Philip Snr along with their two sons Matthew and Phil Jnr run the farm with the latter being the 7th generation to farm. The family grow a range a vegetable crops with the focus being Jersey Royals, courgettes, cauliflowers, and tomatoes. As well as arable farming, the family have a 240 head dairy herd at their farm in St.Brelade. Their Jersey cows are an important part on the farm. Apart from producing the highest quality of Jersey milk to the Dairy, the cows enable the family to rotate their land to ensure they grow their crops as efficiently as possible.

Phil snr started dairy farming in 1989 at Westlands Farm in St. Brelade with only 8 cows that he purchased from a neighbouring farm. Since then, the Le Maistre family has invested significantly in the business to create modern facilities that Phil jnr manages today.

Phil and Phil are both extremely passionate about farming in Jersey and applying environmental practices throughout their farm.

Jersey dairy farmers are proud to farm with care for the future of the environment, wildlife, countryside, food, and animals.

Phil Jnr says…”the best thing about being a farmer is the varied nature of the job, no day is ever the same!”.

Profile photo of The Houzé Family

The Houzé Family

Paul & Becky from Lodge Farm

Paul and Becky Houzé are a father-daughter dairy duo from Lodge Farm in St.Saviour. Becky is a 4th generation dairy farmer and aside from running a 200 head dairy herd with her dad. Becky is bit of a celebrity, not just in Jersey but around the world! Becky aka The Jersey Cowgirl boasts over 200,000 followers on her Instagram account. Becky says, “Aware we now live in a generation where the majority of the population are far removed from agriculture, in 2016 I started blogging short informative posts about life on the farm. Teaching our methods and practices, sharing my passion for farming.”

Just like all of our dairy farmers, the Houzé Family are committed to investing in technology to improve efficiency and production on their farm.

“Over the last two years we’ve focused on renovating our cattle’s winter housing to low emission buildings, converting to LED lights set on timers and reducing emissions by installing robotic slurry hoovers. Our shed is now completely automated with even our feed system on a conveyor belt, our air quality has much improved due to no longer driving diesel tractors inside the sheds. We have also improved cow comfort by installing 160 new free stall beds, tipping water troughs and back scratches for the cows to entertain themselves. At Lodge Farm we are working towards the goal of being carbon neutral by 2030!”

Profile photo of The Le Gallais Family

The Le Gallais Family

Andrew & Loraine from Cowley Dairy Farm

Andrew Le Gallais is a third-generation farmer, who has worked in the industry for nearly 50 years. Andrew, with the help of his supporting wife, Loraine, look after their 225 herd of pedigree Jersey cows (Roseland herd) at Cowley Dairy Farm in Maufant.

Andrew took over the ownership of the Roseland herd from his father, John, and the operation of the dairy farm in 1986. A year later, Andrew joined the Jersey Milk Marketing Board where he was elected chairman of the board in 1999. Since then, Andrew has been re-elected every year by his peers until his retirement in 2022.

Andrew has led Jersey Dairy and the dairy industry in Jersey through numerous changes and circumstances in the early 2000s to the successful business it is today. He is a hugely respected member of the dairy industry, both in the Island of Jersey and outside. Andrew has the well-deserved reputation of being a leader of the highest integrity applying all his efforts, energies, and selfless commitment to the well-being of the Jersey cow and the dairy farmers in the island.

In 2021 Andrew received his MBE from Prince Charles for services to the Community and to the Dairy Industry. Andrew said it was the most memorable experience and that he would never have been in this privileged position without the continuous support from Loraine.

Profile photo of Trinity Manor Farm

Trinity Manor Farm

Jim Carter, Farm Manager

Trinity Manor Farm is the largest dairy farm on the Island with a long and successful history as an on-going farm dating back to the 16th Century!

“Major improvements to the farm were planned and implemented in 2018 when we merged our herd with Chalet Farm in St John, almost doubling our headcount to over 650 cows in just one month. We had to quickly integrate them into the herd and fit the infrastructure and equipment improvements in at the same time!”.

At Trinity Manor Farm the priority is to ensure the herd have a happy and healthy living environment. This includes layered mattresses for the cows to sleep on, back scratchers and massage facilities, easy to reach feeding stations, sheds that circulate air to keep them cool, two-tone lighting in the milking parlour, an amazing cow shed chandelier!

Profile photo of Clairval Farm

Clairval Farm

Gaynor, Zoë, Patrick & Jack

There are only two organic dairy herds on the Island. One of these, Clairval Farm, was owned by Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard, the Parish of St Saviour Constable, who sadly died unexpectedly in spring 2022. But Sadie’s family are carrying on her amazing dairy work and determined to continue her legacy.

The entire family has risen to the challenge and have taken over the beloved organic herd of 44 cows at Clairval farm in St Saviour.

Multiple generations of the family have farmed at Clairval since the late 1800s.

“Our happy and healthy Jersey cows live a 100% organic lifestyle and produce natural, nutritious, and delicious organic milk for our consumers”.

Profile photo of The Le Boutillier Family

The Le Boutillier Family

Bryony & Charlie from Woodlands Farm

The Le Boutillier family have been milking Jersey cows and growing Jersey Royal Potatoes at Woodlands Farm for 5 generations. Today Charlie and Bryony Le Boutillier both run the farm with the helpful guidance of their father, Richard.

At Woodlands Farm you can not only find the herd going about their daily business, but the Potato Shack – a wonderful honesty box and farm tearoom, the farm butchery and the Crémière kitchen making artisan dairy products sold on the farm and around the island.

Anyone who loves the Jersey cow as much as the Le Boutillier’s do is always welcome at Woodlands Farm!

Fun fact! Bryony and Charlie’s Aunt, Jean Treleven, is the Head of Farm Education at Jersey Dairy and is just as passionate about dairy farming as the rest of the family!

Profile photo of The Perchard Family

The Perchard Family

Robbie & Tom from La Ferme Farm

Father and son team Robbie and Tom Perchard run their Ansom herd of 280 head at their family owned farm called ‘La Ferme’ in St Martin. Tom is the 3rd generation of the Perchard family to farm there after his Grandparents bought the property in 1957. Robbie is the President of the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society (RJA&HS) which is currently helping to drive projects in Africa that are utilising bull semen from the Island and the Jersey cow to deliver economic growth in rural areas and lift people out of poverty.

Tom says…”the best thing about being a dairy farmer is the opportunity to work outside and the variation in the work through the different seasons. It’s also hugely satisfying seeing animals that you have cared for develop from baby calves into mature milking cows, knowing that through good management and high levels of animal welfare and husbandry, those animals will lead happy, healthy and hopefully profitable lives!”

Profile photo of The Leng Family

The Leng Family

David & Caroline from Blanc Pignon Dairy Farm

Blanc Pignon Dairy Farm started business in 1942 during the occupation of Jersey. The Herd moved to the premises at Brookfield Farm in 1952 and then into the new purpose-built buildings in 1968, where the herd still currently reside. Today the farm is run by husband and wife, David, and Caroline Leng, who both have a passion for dairy farming.

As well as providing the finest quality of Jersey milk to Jersey Dairy, Blanc Pignon recently decided to start making a small range of artisanal dairy products which was launched in June 2021.

You can currently find Blanc Pignon’s range of products locally at Midland Stores, Holme Grown, Homefields, Rondels, Brooklands Farm and Anneville Farm.

Profile photo of Jersey Dairy farmers meet weekly in the summer months to exchange farming tips and study the different Jersey herds around the Island.

Jersey Dairy farmers meet weekly in the summer months to exchange farming tips and study the different Jersey herds around the Island.

Pictured here is Tom Perchard from La Ferme Farm, Andrew Le Gallais from Cowley Dairy Farm and Charlie Le Boutillier from Woodlands Farm.

Jersey Dairy farmers in 2013 get together to celebrate 250 years of pure quality!