Chairman of Jersey Milk Marketing Board to retire after 23 years

Andrew Le Gallais MBE, Chairman of the Jersey Milk Marketing Board is retiring as chairman after an incredible 23 years of service and dedication to the islands dairy industry and its pedigree Jersey cow.

For more than half his life, Andrew has been an influential and hugely respected member of the Jersey Milk Marketing Board. Andrew joined the board in 1987, the year he took over the ownership of the Roseland herd from his father John and the operation of the dairy farm at Cowley Farm, Maufant. Andrew was then elected as chairman of the board in 1999 and since then he has been re-elected every year by his peers.

Commenting on his retirement as chairman, Andrew said, “Our Dairy Industry might be regarded as a small sector of our economy, but we continue to exert considerable influence on the way of life in our Island as the guardians of our Jersey Cow in her Island home. The Jersey Milk Marketing Board and Jersey Dairy have a special responsibility to process and market the unique milk that she provides, thereby adding value to our branded dairy products, enhancing the biodiversity of our countryside, and ‘flying the flag’ for our Island around the world. I have been exceptionally fortunate to have been involved in part of this story, with the support of many unique individuals both in the Island and overseas. It really has been a privilege to have been a member of the Board and its chairman for over half my life, which I owe entirely to the confidence and trust that I have received from Producers and Government appointed members of the Board.”

Andrew Le Gallais MBE

The Jersey Milk Marketing Board was established in 1954 to facilitate milk distribution from the island’s dairy farms. Small independently run dairies closed and Jersey’s milk supply was concentrated to a new company named ‘Jersey Dairy’. Farming in Jersey has changed significantly since the board was formed. However, Andrew has always been passionate and prominent in helping to overcome contemporary challenges within the dairy industry, and instrumental in implementing environmental practices throughout the islands farms. While Andrew is stepping down as chairman of the board, he is not retiring from farming, and he will continue to provide quality Jersey milk to Jersey Dairy.

Phil Le Maistre, Dairy farmer and Vice Chairman of the JMMB, commented, “Andrew has led Jersey Dairy and the dairy industry in Jersey through numerous changes and circumstances in the early 2000s to the successful business it is today. He is a hugely respected member of the dairy industry, both in the Island of Jersey and outside. Andrew has the well-deserved reputation of being a leader of the highest integrity applying all his efforts, energies, and selfless commitment to the well-being of the Jersey cow and the dairy farmers in the island.”

Andrew has held many honorary roles within the RJA&HS and the wider community. In 2016 Andrew received a special award from the World Jersey Cattle Bureau for his services to the dairy industry and the Jersey Herd and in 2021 Andrew was named in the 2021 New Year’s Honours List and awarded an MBE for services to the dairy industry.

The Jersey cow is the pride of the Island of Jersey and its most famous envoy. She is part of the DNA of Jersey, a national treasure, and under Andrew Le Gallais’s exemplary leadership and determination over the years he has ensured she will remain so for many, many years to come.