Cheers to the 23rd World School Milk Day!

Jersey Dairy is delighted to be participating once again in World School Milk Day, which takes place this year on Wednesday 28th September. This is an annual event promoted by the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations).

A healthy and nutritious diet is widely recognised as a vital ingredient in successful learning. Jersey milk is natural, nutritious, and delicious and is a great way to help children get the nutrition they need. It’s full of calcium and is a good source of several vitamins which are important for the growth and development of young children.

Jersey Dairy are supplying 23 Jersey primary schools, that’s over 6,000 pupils, with milk bottles containing 2.5% fresh Jersey milk.

Eamon Fenlon, Managing Director of Jersey Dairy, says, “We get a lot of positive feedback from children and parents about our milk, so we are delighted to be helping primary schools take part in this world-wide event. Jersey milk contains a variety of nutrients which are important for the growth and development of young children and Jersey milk is a natural, nutritious, and delicious drink. As a local, community-based business we are delighted to support an initiative that promotes healthy living and develops learning amongst our student population in Jersey”.

This year, World School Milk Day is kindly supported by Appleby. Jersey Dairy and Appleby are running a competition across all schools to recycle their milk containers and create something legen-dairy. The winning class at each school will all receive a toy Jersey cow.

Kristie Potts, Chief Strategy Officer at Appleby, commented, “Appleby are actively committed to each of the communities in which we are based through a range of sponsorships and partnerships. We aim to build strong relationships with local community groups to contribute to and support the communities in which we operate. We are delighted that Jersey Dairy have allowed us to partner with them in this initiative which, we feel, supports the students of Jersey in understanding the importance of healthy living, the benefits of Jersey milk and, by entering the competition, the importance of recycling. We look forward to seeing all the entries. Good luck to all our local schools in creating something truly amoozing.”

This is the 23rd World School Milk Day and once again, there will be no cost to the schools or students and Jersey Dairy farmers will supply the milk for free. 

Jersey Milk – Health Benefits 

Amoozing photos from VCP where the boys certainly look like they are enjoying their school milk for World School Milk Day!