Name the MY MILK Gang!

Name the

How to get your MY MILK Flask


Name the MY MILK Gang!

“Hiya, my name is Hydro!”

I need you to help me find ‘Nick Names’ for the rest of My Milk CowPow Gang! Click a character and find out about their Super Milk CowPow! Then fill out the
form right here.

“My Milk Power is Smiling!

Get Smile CowPow with Jersey milk! Jersey milk is great for your teeth!

It’s a fantastic source of calcium which makes your teeth strong and protects tooth enamel.

“My Milk Power is Brain Power!

Get your thinking cap on with my brainy CowPow!

Drinking Jersey milk encourages a healthy mind! Milk is a natural source of B Vitamins which support healthy brain function and cell metabolism.

“My Milk Power is Hydration!

Hey, I’m Hydro the Jersey cow.

Did you know? Jersey milk can be effective for rehydration after exercise. Plus, it’s great to cool down with a refreshing glass of Jersey milk on a summer’s day. Keep hydrated with my CowPow!

“My Milk Power is Muscles Power

Keep your strength up with my Muscle CowPow!

Jersey Dairy milk contains a whooping 40g of high quality protein per litre. Jersey milk from the CowPow gang has 18% more protein than milk from other breeds of dairy cow!

“My Milk Power is Counting Sheep

Sleep well with my CowPow!

Why not warm up some Jersey milk and help it send you off to sleep? The soothing feeling of drinking warm milk may signal to your brain that it’s time to sleep, making it easier to drift off peacefully.