Cows in Disco!

Trinity Manor Farm is home to over 650 award-winning pedigree Jersey cows who provide the highest quality milk for Jersey Dairy’s local and international markets. 

Not only is their milk to the highest quality, but oh wow! So is inside the cow shed. 

Local artist, Nick Romeril, created an amazing art installation for inside the cow shed. At Trinity Manor they believe that Art is important in our lives. “Art gives you joy and relieves stress. Nick Romeril’s art, we believe, give joy to all who see the chandeliers, including our Jersey cows”. 

Here’s what Nick had to say about his process of creating the giant chandeliers now hanging in the cow shed…

“As an artist work comes to you in a couple of different ways. Sometimes it’s a direct brief and you spend a large amount of time coming up with ideas, or, it’s an idea that you already have that you take to a client to decide whether it’s something that they’d like to take forward. I’d had an idea and wanted to make a big chandelier, so I started to share my initial thoughts and designs with Trinity Manor Farm, including cutting out the cow shapes and seeing that happens with them, how they fit together.

From there I submitted my drawings and had an onsite meeting to discuss the necessary technical elements that we need to check to make sure the idea is feasible. It’s easy to come up with the ideas, it’s making them happen which is the difficult bit”. 

“And then from there, we made a support structure to weld the individual cows. Each cow had a slight bend so when you join them together, they make a nice curve. We started at the bottom and it grew, and grew, and grew. When we got to the halfway point it became a little more challenging, because then we had to weld up, which involved turning the whole structure round. It was a lot of fun.

The installation is the best time for me. It’s a bit like finishing a painting, you know that it’s there, and it’s going to be there forever. I always feel a sense of surprise when I finally see the piece installed”.

“It’s just wonderful knowing that it’s going to be hanging there from the ceiling bringing that wonderful blast of colour”. 

We think the cow shed chandeliers look absolutely incredible, in fact, we wouldn’t mind falling asleep under those lights at Trinity Manor Farm!