Ending the year with an MBE!

Andrew Le Gallais, Chairman of the Jersey Milk Marketing Board has ended 2020 with a cause for double celebrations! Andrew has been announced as the latest addition to the Queen’s Honours List. 

Andrew has received his MBE for his services to the island’s dairy industry and Andrew says the “massive honour” is about the wider implications for the island.

“The thing that’s rewarding about it is it’s not just about dedicated dairy farmers working their socks off looking after cows, it’s not just about the Jersey Dairy brand which is now a recognised quality exporter on the island to global markets, but it’s about our Jersey Cow and our Island home.” 

“Without all those things which I mentioned, her existence would be threatened – we are simply the custodians of her in our generation; she’s existed for 250 years and I really hope she’s going to exist strongly for the long-term future as well.”

Andrew finished off by saying, “I would never have achieved without the support of my wife and my family…they have supported me enormously.”

Congratulations to Andrew, so very well deserved and his dedication to the island’s dairy industry is remarkable. 

February 2020 – Andrew in front of Victoria College, Jersey for an inspirational talk he did to the sixth form students.