Jersey Dairy’s move to a brand new manufacturing facility in 2010 was the key to the creation of extra capacity and the development of their export business. In the last 10 years, Jersey Dairy has made sales in over 30 overseas markets.

Jersey Dairy’s initial focus was on the UK markets, with a search for customers who were interested in UHT recipe based products, particularly soft mix ice cream. In 2012, the first year of the UK campaign, Jersey Dairy sold 38,000L of soft mix ice cream, increasing ten-fold the following year to almost 400,000L. Today, soft mix volumes to the UK markets have reached 2.3 million litres and Jersey Dairy ice cream can be enjoyed all over the UK, from Brighton Pier to Edinburgh Castle.

Some of Jersey Dairy’s UK customers include…

The Asian markets have been a particular focus in Jersey Dairy’s export drive. In 2013, Jersey Dairy made the first shipment of UHT milk to a retail store in Hong Kong, with the first year sales achieving 300% of the initial forecast. In the 8 years since launch, Jersey Dairy has sold over 7 million litres of UHT milk to the residents of Hong Kong.

Further Asian markets include customers in mainland China (frozen ice cream), Japan (UHT ice cream and butter), South Korea (UHT milk and butter), Taiwan (UHT milk), Philippines (frozen ice cream), Myanmar (UHT ice cream), Singapore (UHT milk), and Malaysia (UHT milk).


Jersey Dairy can supply ambient, chilled and frozen dairy products across the world, and they can export most of their high quality product range; milk, butter, thickshake mix and soft mix ice cream. 

Please note that in some markets Jersey Dairy may have an exclusive distribution partner.

For more details please contact Bob Jones, Head of Export or David Ashton, UK Sales Manager.

Bob.Jones@jerseydairy.je / David.Ashton@jerseydairy.je