Farm to Fork

During half term week Jersey Dairy was involved with Skills Jersey’s ‘Farm to Fork’ Skills Camp. This exciting new venture was an opportunity for local secondary school students to learn where their food comes from, how it’s grown, understand about the agricultural industry on a working farm, and learn to cook using locally sourced ingredients. 

Two groups took part and students in Years 7&8 and Years 9-11 have left the camp with an appreciation for the value and importance of what they eat and how it’s cultivated.

Grass to Glass… 

Each group spent a morning at Trinity Manor Farm where they saw how a working dairy farm operates and how well our Jersey cows are cared for. After a muddy walk back to Jersey Dairy, students were able to witness what was being produced on the factory floor and learn about all of the different dairy products which are produced on the Island. 

Diana Hey, Skills Coach at Skills Jersey, said: “It has been amazing to witness the entire milking process from grass to glass. I think next time any of us pour a glass of Jersey milk, we will have a lot more appreciation for its quality and freshness.” 

During the afternoon sessions, groups worked with Bruce Labey from Infrastructure, Housing and Environment, learning some practical outdoor activities such as seed sowing and growing crops.

Ready steady cook…

Day two was spent with professional chefs at Highland Academy Kitchen where everything which was learnt from the day before was taken into the kitchen and dishes were made using fresh local produce.  

Check out our farm to fork photo gallery below…

Students learn all about the characteristics of a Jersey cow at Trinity Manor Farm
Feeding the Trinity Manor herd some yummy potatoes and carrots!
The babies!
Walking from Trinity Manor Farm to JD HQ!
Through the woodlands…
And into the factory to see what products are being processed
UHT Whole Milk and 1% Fresh Milk
Back in the classroom we went through all of the products produced at Jersey Dairy
And we finished the visit with some nutritious and delicious Jersey milk!
Day two – In the kitchen cooking with local produce

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