From grass to glass!

You can now purchase Jersey Dairy milk through a milk dispenser machine…how udderly fantastic! 

The Channel Islands Co-operative Society has introduced a new milk dispenser station at Grand Marché St Helier and St Peter offering Jersey Dairy fresh 2.5% milk.

The new milk dispensers will provide shoppers the opportunity to buy fresh green 2.5% fat milk. Customers will be able to buy Jersey Dairy glass bottles or bring their own one litre vessels to fill with milk direct from the station.

Eamon Fenlon, managing director at Jersey Dairy, said: ‘We are thrilled to be able to offer our nutritious and delicious fresh Jersey milk in a glass bottle through the new milk dispenser station at Grand Marché St Helier and St Peter.

We know our consumers care about the environment and we would like to assure them that Jersey Dairy and our farmers are committed to protecting the environment in a proactive and continuous process. This is one of the numerous initiatives that have been implemented or are in the process of being implemented.

Our farmers have set themselves bold ambitions such as restoring orchid meadows, hedgerow and tree planting as well as habitat management to encourage the return of lost species. They have also developed a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve carbon sequestration and develop biodiversity enhancement.’

Jersey Dairy is the first dairy in the world to hold the LEAF Marque (Linking Environment and Farming) on their milk. The LEAF Marque is all about empowering and enabling farming businesses to make positive changes. Achieving more sustainable farming is a collective responsibility involving the entire food chain – farmers, suppliers, processors, retailers and consumers.

Amoozing stuff! We can’t wait to go shopping and fill up our glass bottle.   

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