I’m Yours

I’m a Jersey and I’m here for you. I produce your Jersey milk. It’s probably the best milk in the world. I make it in the fields around our beautiful island. It takes less than 48 hours from the milk leaving my farm to arrive on the supermarket shelf.

That milk will have travelled less than 9 miles by the time you buy it. Jersey milk is highly nutritious, with 20% more calcium and 18% more protein than milk from other breeds of dairy cow. Milk plays a very positive role as part of a balanced diet for children and adults of all ages. Because I live outdoors for much of the year, I have access to fresh grass and sea air. This gives my milk its delicious taste and exceptional quality.

I’m cared for by local farmers who own our dairy and are committed to Jersey people and Jersey’s environment. These are difficult times for many islanders.

I’ve been here for over two hundred and fifty years. I’m here for you now.

For further information or if you have questions regarding Jersey Dairy and Covid-19, contact customer.services@jerseydairy.je