Jersey Dairy and Hotel Chocolat’s “Ice Cream of the Gods”

Yes, you read that right! Jersey Dairy milk and cream are officially recognised as ingredients in Hotel Chocolat’s luxurious “Ice cream of the Gods”! We are proud to be associated with such a lovely product and hope you get to try some of it soon.

Jersey Dairy milk and cream in Hotel Chocolat ice cream - photo by Hotel Chocolat

Jersey Dairy milk and cream in the luxury Hotel Chocolat ice cream – photo by Hotel Chocolat

This is what Hotel Chocolat have to say about their ice cream:

According to Angus Thirwell, CEO and Co-Founder of Hotel Chocolat, it took the team a while to finally make a Hotel Chocolat ice cream because they didn’t want it to be ordinary. Hotel Chocolat and Jersey Dairy hope you agree it was worth waiting for! Read on to find out what they did.

“We wanted something no one had ever tasted before, so we went back to the cocoa bean. Instead of making an ordinary chocolate ice cream, we decided to infuse ours with pure roasted cocoa,” says Angus. “There were no recipes for what we wanted to do, so our chef David Demaison just started from scratch.”

David came up with the fantastic idea of infusing a mix of Jersey milk and cream with crushed, roasted cocoa nibs over 48 hours – and Hotel Chocolat have gone with that recipe because magic happens! The cream becomes a subtle taupe colour while taking on a a beautiful malty taste with notes of cocoa and is just a delight to savour.

Why “Ice Cream of the Gods”?

Angus explains, “We decided to call this recipe the Ice Cream of the Gods, not just for the heavenly flavour notes, but after the name of the cocoa plant itself: Theobroma cacao, which translates literally as ‘cocoa, food of the gods’.”


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