Reducing our carbon footprint

Jersey Dairy is the first dairy in the world to achieve the global sustainability accreditation known as LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming). Over the last few weeks ITV Channel TV has been following the industry and learning about the steps it has taken to reduce its carbon footprint.

ITV has created a series of reports on how the dairy is adapting for the future. With the launch of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow where representative’s from nearly 200 countries have been discussing the progress of climate change targets and looking to negotiate new global pledges.

Closer to home, ITV have explored how Jersey Dairy has taken its own steps to reduce its carbon footprint.

Part 1

Action to reduce dairy farming’s carbon footprint: 

Part 2

Jersey Dairy’s plan to help boost biodiversity:

Part 3

How soil may provide an answer to removing greenhouse gases from the environment:

Thank you to ITV Channel TV for telling this story for us.