Jersey Dairy Smoothie Bowl

What’s there not to love about a smoothie bowl? Our JD smoothie bowl is delicious and nutritious, plus it will keep you going until lunch time! What you will need… 


🥛 200ml of Jersey milk
🥄 2 tablespoons of Jersey yogurt
🍌 1 large banana (half to go in the smoothie, half chopped on top)
🍓 Large handful of frozen berries (half in the smoothie, half on top)
🍯 Drizzle of honey
🌿 Chia seeds


Blend all of the ingredients together and pour the mix into a bowl. Chop up the remaining banana and add this on top. Also, add the rest of the mixed berries on top as well. Sprinkle of chia seeds. And don’t forget to top it off with a drizzle of honey. Enjoy! 😋