Jersey Dairy wants to Bring Back Breakfast

Jersey Dairy has launched a new campaign “Bring Back Breakfast” which aims to highlight the health benefits of eating breakfast and consuming dairy in the diet.  1 in 4 people skip breakfast because of their hectic lifestyles and two out of three 16 to 24-year-olds regularly miss breakfast to cut down on calories, which of course is not recommended by health professionals. It has been proven that if you consume breakfast your energy levels, attention spans and work productivity are greater than if you did not.

Therefore, Jersey Dairy wants to “Bring Back Breakfast” and make sure that everyone is having breakfast whether that be at home, at work, or on the go. The Dairy has been working closely with Kit Chamier, Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist, who has endorsed the campaign with breakfast, dairy, milk and health facts, as well as delicious and nutritious recipe cards featuring milk and yogurt in different breakfast options. Kit is a firm believer of having breakfast and consuming milk and dairy within your diet.

Kit Chamier, Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist

Eamon Fenlon, Managing Director said, “We are excited to launch our new breakfast campaign. We want to ensure that the message “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is as well understood and acted upon as the advice to “eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day” with the aim to of improving general health and productivity by encouraging everyone to eat a healthy breakfast every day”.

Local companies such as HSBC, Fairway Trust, Coop House and others have got on board with the campaign and are going to offer breakfast stations at their work for the Bring Back Breakfast “Corporate Week” commencing Monday 30th September. Businesses will be offering cereal and porridge options for their staff, and HSBC will even be recreating the new Jersey Dairy recipe cards as an option for their employees.

Jessica Burton, Marketing Co-ordinator said, “We are thrilled to have local companies on board with our campaign and recognise the importance of starting your day the right way. So many people skip breakfast because of their hectic lifestyles. By local firms offering a breakfast station it will keep employees fuelled until lunchtime, see energy levels increase, as well as being great for workplace well-being”.

Join the Bring Back Breakfast campaign today! Follow Jersey Dairy on all of their social media channels and use the hashtag #BringBackBreakfast. Listen out for the radio ad, lookout for the videos on the Clock Tower screen located on King Street, spot breakfast facts on roadside banners, and of course, keep fuelled with milk and dairy in your breakfast.

Here are ten facts that feature in Jersey Dairy’s new campaign, endorsed by Kit Chamier:

To join in with Jersey Dairy’s Corporate Week email to find out more.