Jersey Dairy Statement

Everyone at Jersey Dairy is totally devastated with what has happened at Woodlands Farm and our thoughts are with the Le Boutillier family and all their team at this very tragic time.

Losing part of a herd like this is heartbreaking. We can’t imagine how difficult this is for Charlie, his family and all at Woodlands. Words cannot express the heartache we feel for them, and we cannot begin to understand the shock that they must be feeling.

We hope they can find the strength and guidance to bring them through this difficult and tragic time.

We are very grateful to all who rallied around over the weekend to help at Woodlands in this time of need. It was heartening to see that community spirit.

Investigations are continuing to determine the root cause of what has happened at Woodlands. We know that it is an isolated incident and that no other farms are affected.

Jersey Dairy places great emphasis on quality and food safety. All our products are subjected to rigorous testing at our laboratory. Our Quality Management System is designed to ensure that policies, procedures, specifications, HACCP, and BRC standards, plus customer and regulatory requirements are consistently followed.  Our overall objective is to ensure that all products leaving Jersey Dairy are safe for our customers and consistently of a high quality.

We have been working with Public Health to ensure that there is no risk to consumers and would like to assure our customers that none of our products contain milk from the affected farm.