Supply issues impact Jersey Dairy’s 2.5% fresh green litre milk packaging

The current supplier of fresh milk cartons to Jersey Dairy has failed to deliver an order of one litre 2.5% fresh milk cartons. This order was originally due to be delivered into Jersey on 24th June and having failed to meet that delivery date the supplier assured us it would be delivered on 30th June.

Having not received the order on the 30th June as promised we contacted the supplier only to be told that due to the increasingly difficult supply chain issues they are experiencing this order would not arrive into Jersey until Saturday 16th July.

We have been working with the supplier to try and get some of the order into Jersey before 16th July and we have arranged for two pallets to be picked up by van and driven to Jersey which is due to arrive in Jersey on Wednesday 13th July allowing us to pack these for delivery on Thursday 14th July.

We anticipate that the retail shops in Jersey will commence to run out of stock of the one litre 2.5% fresh milk cartons on Tuesday 12th July until Thursday morning 14th July, subject to the van arriving in Jersey on Wednesday.

The 500ml 2.5% fresh milk cartons will still be available.

During the period that the one litre 2.5% fresh milk cartons will be unavailable we will increase the volumes of the one litre 1% and one litre whole fresh milk cartons that we pack to accommodate the volumes of fresh milk normally sold in the 2.5% cartons to ensure that there will be no overall shortage of fresh milk for our customers.

Our 2.5% milk will still be available in long life UHT cartons.

I would like to sincerely apologise to all our customers for this situation, it is not acceptable and we will be making appropriate changes to ensure this does not happen again.

Eamon Fenlon

Managing Director