The Jersey Herd Book

The Jersey Herd Book was created on the 4th April 1866. It is the foundation on which the Jersey Breed is based, in Jersey and worldwide.

It was formed by the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society and it was initially designed to record information to the bovine (an animal of the cattle group). Over time the Jersey Herd Book has evolved from a list of names, owners and dates of birth, to now, a complete database that includes pedigree information, production and health characteristics as well as DNA.

This is important for assessing the breeding value of individuals so that the farmers can improve their stock, and therefore, the general condition of the cattle production. With all the Island’s cattle registered in the Herd Book, this makes the Jersey unique among cattle.

The Jersey Herd Book is the oldest Jersey breed record in the World and the first cow registered was named ‘Daisy’, belonging to Mr. P. Paisnel of St. Clement.