World Environment Day 2019

On Wednesday 5th June we celebrated World Environment Day.

Our Jersey Dairy farmers love the land they farm. By the end of September all dairy farmers will be  LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) accredited, a prestigious award, which shows that the Island’s diverse agricultural industry is working alongside agronomists and ecologists to better enhance individual farm’s sustainability.

Jersey is blessed with some of the deepest, most fertile soils, and our climate is perfect for growing most crops. Our beautiful countryside flourishes with wild flowers, and our famous Jersey cows graze on lush green fields for the majority of the year. 

These pictures of Jersey’s roadside verges and banks have been taken by our Jersey Dairy farmers, who couldn’t be more proud of their farms, and the environment in which they work. 

Photo by David Leng
Mont des Vignes, St Peter
Photo by Andrew Le Gallais
Route du Sacrement, St Saviour
Photo by Richard Le Boutillier